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Signs of spring and dragon models

Sketching signs of spring

Making dragon models out of clay

Painting our dragons

Our painted dragons

Add a little gold and some varnish

When we evaluated our dragon models, Henley-Jai said he liked the colour of his. Kirk said he was a bit happy with his model, but the tail fell off.  Daniel liked how shiny his dragon is. 


Milo said the easiest part of making the model was the legs because you just pinch the clay.  Cristian said the easiest part was making the tail.  Henry found shaping the clay easy because he could do it quickly.  He said the gold made it more sparkly. 


Wade enjoyed the painting most.  Brydi enjoyed making the spikes on her dragon.  Izzy most enjoyed painting her dragon.


Moosa said the most difficult part was the mouth because he needed to carve.  Sophie found the body difficult and she still had to do the feet.


Nadia said she would make her dragon's wings thicker so that they would not break.  Nathan would have liked to make his dragon's tail longer.  Eva would change all of the cracks on her dragon. 


Dillon said he enjoyed the whole thing.  We enjoyed making and painting our dragons!