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Singing, poetry and poppies

Letters of thanks

We learned in history about the children and women who had to take over the jobs when the young men left to be soldiers in World War 1.  We found out that women became bakers and shop workers and they delivered the post.  Children were also employed in factories and mills and we learned about the life of a child who worked in a mill in the morning and attended school in the afternoon. 


We wrote letters of thanks to those who fought in the war and those who were left behind, doing the men's work.  We showed how much we had learned about life during WW1.  These are some of our published letters.

Poetry and Poppies

Making a poppy
On Tuesday 13th November, we took part in a workshop called 'Poetry and Poppies'.  We worked with Eleanor from West End in Schools and did some drama as well as reciting some poetry.  The whole school took part in a final performance at the end of a busy and interesting day.