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St Martin's day service and editing our stories

On Tuesday 14th November, we went to St Martin's church for our St Martin's day Eucharist service.  We sang many of our favourite songs and followed the service, which included Holy Communion.  Woodpeckers enjoyed sharing the service with our reading partners from Robins.  There were some star singers and some super reading.  It was a very special event for our school.


We have discussed the story of St Martin and the beggar and Miss Harvey showed her Playmobil set.  We talked about the message in the story and how kind St Martin was.

The story of St Martin

Before the half term holiday, we had written stories about our favourite Egyptian gods.  This week we had the chance to change and improve those stories.  We checked spelling and punctuation and we added in extra description and some fronted adverbials.  Then we read each other's stories and wrote three stars and a wish.  Looking at others' writing and making comparisons is an important part of year four work in English.