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The qualities of a school councillor and Osiris story maps

We have been thinking about the qualities of a school councillor. We are about to vote for the two children in our class who will go on the school council. They will take our ideas to Mrs Fielder, our Deputy Headteacher, and they will bring suggestions back to class for us to talk about.


  • Leo thinks a school councillor should be good at listening and making decisions. He also thinks they should be caring and sharing.
  • Brydi writes that, if she were a school councillor, she would follow the golden rules because then she would show the younger people how to behave. She thinks that a school councillor would have to be on green or silver or gold on the zone board most of the time because then she would know that they were good all of the time.
  • Eva thinks that a school councillor needs to listen because they need to listen to other people’s opinions. They also need to be kind because you don’t want a mean school councillor.
  • Alex writes that if he got to be school councillor he would listen to teachers and follow the golden rules. He would also put more games on the playground and put more games when it’s wet play.
  • Kaydence would like to add more rules in like be sensible inside and outside, play with others, be kind to others. She would like a school councillor to be hard working and listen to instructions.


Kirk writes:

“I want my school councillor to be helpful and kind. I don’t want my school councillor to be mean and silly but I would like my school councillor to be a happy, active person who follows golden rules. If I was school councillor I would take every opinion people give me and if I was school councillor I would want to say more school trips to happen because people will come to school from other schools.”

Story maps for the story of Osiris

Woodpeckers are learning the Egyptian myth about Osiris.  We are learning it paragraph by paragraph, using actions, repetition and story maps.  These are some of our story maps.  They tell how Osiris, with his wife Isis, ruled Egypt wisely.  That was until his jealous brother (Seth) tricked him.