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The Sound Collector at St Martin's

Linked to our work on sound in science, we have been writing poetry about sounds.  We went outside and made notes about what we could hear around the school.  There was quite a lot of building and traffic noise, but we could also hear bird song and the wind rustling leaves, as well as children laughing and playing.  We have been inspired by Roger McGough's poem 'The Sound Collector' to write our own poems back in the classroom. 


Here is Henry's poem to enjoy.

Scenery for Little Red Riding Hood

We continued to work on our artwork this week for our Adopt a Musician performance (Friday 4th May).  We are putting together some scenery for the story of Little Red Riding Hood because that was one of the performances we saw at the Playhouse.  It has become the inspiration for the piece of music we are composing with Andy from Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.