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Violins and egg investigation in science

Learning to play the violin with Mr Parsons

We really enjoy learning the play the violin.  Mr Parsons is our teacher and he makes every lesson fun.  We are getting much better at holding the bow and now, when we play tunes, it sounds quite good.  We hope that we will be able to perform to parents and friends later in the year.

Which liquid does the least damage to eggshell?

In science we did an investigation to find out which liquid does the least damage to an egg's shell.  We had five hard-boiled eggs, each in a different liquid, and we were going to look at them and see which of the eggs has the most and the least damage after a number of days.  The liquids we tested were: milk, cola, orange juice, vinegar and water.  We looked to see if the shell was damaged, soft or hard, if the colour had changed, or if it still made a noise when tapped.