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Vision and values

Woodpeckers have been working on our new school vision and values.  First we had a whole school worship with Mrs Fielder.  We thought about modes of transport and where we would be - for example, at the front of a train or sitting in an airplane. 


In class, we made our own designs on whiteboards.  Then we worked in groups and shared our best ideas, drawing and labelling on a large sheet of paper.  We had to present our pictures to the class.


Some of us thought about how a tree represents growth and so we have placed ourselves in a tree house in a large tree.  It was really interesting to think about where our parents would be in the picture (in nests) and about the teachers (represented by birds) and governors (with tools to tend to the tree or in the church next door).  We thought about our golden rules (treasure in a mineshaft) and we wondered what could represent God's love (sun and rain to help everything grow).


Our class idea was displayed alongside all of the others after Proms on the Playground and our grown ups were asked to sticker the most interesting ideas.  We hope they liked ours.