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Visit to Salisbury Playhouse and using the outdoor gym

As part of our Beginners Please! project with Salisbury Playhouse, we went to watch a performance in the Salberg Theatre on Friday.  It was a very entertaining play which built on our love of reading and our knowledge of Roald Dahl books.  We very much enjoyed the play, as you can see from our comments below:


I found it really funny when Terry was hiding under the table. KP

I liked it when she stopped Terry from going fishing.  KA

I found it funny when Terry lost his words.  EF

I thought it was a bit weird when Terry just fell over. SR

It was funny when Terry kept on tripping over the box.  SG-S

I liked it when Terry was shocked that the word ‘said’ disappeared from the piece of paper.  HH

I found it funny when every time Terry said something Brenda stopped him from saying it.  KSu

I found it funny when Terry was speaking made-up words with a German accent.  TC

It was funny when Terry was singing ‘Let it go’ from Frozen.  AA

I think it was a comedy.  K-RH

I liked it when Brenda took the imaginary book from Terry and said something else. KB

I thought it was really funny when Brenda was asking us to come up with different parts of the story.  LH

I think they had two Roald Dahl books and one of them had no words.  They just swapped the book in the basket.  GNU

I thought it was funny when Terry got the tiny book out from under the table.  JC

Outdoor gym in the sunshine

We took advantage of some sunshine this week and enjoyed a session on the outdoor gym.  We also did the Golden Mile run, adding to our totals for the year.  Many of us have already achieved 10 miles.