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Visiting St Martin's church and Thor's hammer amulets

Visiting St Martin's church

This document has photographs and written captions for our visit to St Martin's church.  We were welcomed by Mrs Lilley and we really appreciated her time in showing us around.  It was really interesting to find out about our church and how old and special it is.


Before we left, we sat quietly and had a few moments of reflection.  Each of us drew a picture and wrote three words on a card.

Making amulets

We are making Thor's hammer amulets.  First we had to cut the shape out.  Then we stuck on buttons, split peas and string into swirly shapes.  After that, we needed to make it look like beaten metal, so we stuck on some torn up tissue paper with glue - a kind of papier mache. 


The next step was to paint the amulet with metallic paint.  Then we attach the string, so that we can wear it.  We have learned that Viking people wore their amulets for luck.