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Walking in Jesus' footsteps

A day at Salisbury Cathedral

A day at Salisbury Cathedral 1
On Wednesday 5th April we spent the day at Salisbury Cathedral.  We moved around the Cathedral and listened to eye witness accounts of the events of Holy Week, from the lady who saw the disciples collecting the donkey for Jesus to ride into Jerusalem, to Mary Magdalene talking about Jesus' crucifixion.  We also made our own Salvador cross and heard about Maria Gomez.  In the afternoon we took part in a drama and really enjoyed miming parts of the Easter story.
Picture 1 Making our crosses
Picture 2 Making our crosses
Picture 3 Making our crosses
Picture 1 Fetching the donkey
Picture 2 The Last Supper
Picture 3 The garden of Gethsemane
Picture 4 About the trial of Jesus
Picture 5 On the way to the crucifixion
Picture 6 Mary Magdalene at the crucifixion
Picture 1 A beautiful setting for a picnic lunch