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What's a theatre? and winter poetry

What's a theatre?

On Wednesday 10th January, we had our first workshop with Kate Robinson from Salisbury Playhouse.  As part of the Beginners Please! project we learned about what happens in a theatre.  Kate showed us her fabulous model of the theatre and talked about all the different areas, from the green room (which isn't green) to the costume department.  We know how many seats there are in the main house and in the Salberg, which is the smaller theatre where we will perform our own play in the summer.  But, before that, we need to find out more about the technical aspects of plays and we are going to visit backstage at the theatre in a couple of week's time.  This is a great project to be part of and we are enjoying it.

Although there hasn't been any snow yet, we have been thinking about wintery weather and using adjectives and similes to describe it.  We have also thought about the kinds of things we can do in the cold.  These are some of our poems. 


Eva has also written a report on her observations of the children in Woodpeckers writing their poetry:

"Henry working very hard.  The poem is called Snow War.  A very good poem.

Nathan, Sadiqa and Kia-Marie working in a good group.  Their poem is called Keeping warm in the winter.  It is an acrostic.  It is looking good.

Nadia's poem is called My snowy weekend.  She is working very hard, going good.

Ben is working good, looks like a good poem.

Moosa and Leo are concentrating very well.  Their poem is called Snow.  Very good teamwork.

Henley's poem is called About snow.  He is working very hard.

Izzy and Daniel's poem is called Snow balls.  Very good piece of writing, amazing adjectives.

Milo and Wade's poem is called My snowman.  Looks like a very good poem.

Peyton and Zariya's poem is called Snowflake.  They have done neat writing.  It is a very good poem.

Spencer, Alex, Dillon and Cristian's poem [and Miss Harvey's] is called Snow.  Their poem is very good.