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WW1 artwork and stories

Silk Postcards

This week we learned about the silk postcards which were sent from the front during the First World War.  We copied some of them and saw how beautifully they had been embroidered.  There was even a real post card on the display which we sketched.  The arrangement included a Princess Mary tin which was sent to the troops in Northern France and Belgium and a miniature Bible and book of Common Prayer.  There were also examples of bears made by British teddy bear manufacturer Farnell - these are often called soldier bears as they were apparently sent off with soldiers to fit in the top pocket of their uniform.

Sketching WW1 Artefacts

We have just started using a website called pobble365, which has a different picture each day and some English challenges.  We used an unusual picture of a neon human shape sitting on a garden swing bench to write some really imaginative stories.   We also used a picture of a ladder leading up in to the sky.